Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cotton Candy

I love cotton candy. When I was putting this blog together and it was time to name it, my first thought was cotton candy. A lovely pastel confection perched on a white cone, the first taste of slightly cooked sugar and then it's gone, leaving a sweet taste on the tongue. These days it's hard to find it this way. Mostly it's in factory sealed bags sold at grocery stores, or smothered in plastic and hanging upside down at the county fair and, worst of all, in plastic tubs. But I'll eat it anyway, that's how much I love it.

I've always wanted a cotton candy machine. Every year my family asks me what I want for Christmas and I always tell them, "A cotton candy machine". Not one of those puny little toy versions they always sell at holiday time, but a real live cotton candy machine like you see at the fair every year spinning out those sugary webs as children watch, mouths open and, if I happen to be in the crowd, there is probably drool involved too.

Sometimes I fantasize about owning my own cotton candy machine. It's in my kitchen, always loaded with sugar and ready to spin out sugary happiness. I imagine my three grand-princesses, Hilary, Isabella, and Sophia running into my arms and asking, "Lovie, can we have cotton candy?" I always say, "Yes". I could rent myself out to parties to pay for the sugar that I will go through by the barrel, I'll make tons of money and my husband can retire at 60. I just know a cotton candy machine will be the best gift anyone could ever give me.

So, for the most part, this blog will be about things that are good and happy and hopefully, will leave just a taste of sweet behind for anyone who happens across it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm new and I have issues (today at least)

I've only been reading blogs for about a year now. Believe it or not, I had never heard of them until one of my daughters enlightened me. I quickly became addicted, and assembled a rather eclectic list of favorites that I check everyday. I have to admit, I am always a little disappointed when my favorites don't have something for me.

I guess it was only natural that I began to think of creating my own blog. The only problem with that is that I am not computer literate. I can email and I can shop but that is about it. It took all afternoon just to figure out how to register a blog and I am still quite puzzled as to why my title is not at the top of the page.

Another issue for me is quality of writing. Most of the blogs I read are very well written and have lovely photos accompanying them ( I don't expect that to happen around here for a long time). And I wonder. When other bloggers sit down to post do the words just shoot from their fingertips onto the page or do they stop and ponder and maybe agonize over the insertion of a word or phrase. Because I sure will. I am right now. This just may prove to be too slow a go for me.

This brings up another issue. Do I want others to read my blog? We all want others to be interested in what we say and feedback is a way to get that. But I bet I wouldn't like negative feedback. Something just tells me I wouldn't.

Another issue: Is there enough going on in my life to write about much less think anyone else would want to know about it? Does anyone really care to read my musings? It's kind of scary to think that your existence is so mundane that it's all you can do to post once a week. Hey! a new way to rate your life! I'm capable of multiple postings every single day. Are you?

In spite of all my issues, I think I've talked myself into at least trying this for a while. I can always quit. I find that comforting. But if you are looking for deep stuff, you'll most likely come away disappointed. I like crafting and talking about crafting, my projects, my family, my travels, and funny stuff I see or hear. Light fluffy stuff. Just like cotton candy.


O.K. , this just a test to see if I really don't know what I am doing with this thing.