Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm pretty sure it's not santa claus...


i just went outside to check my mailbox. As I was walking up the hill back to the house I happened to glance up at my roof and there on the chimney was a HUMONGUOUS bird! I ran inside to grab my camera hoping he wouldn't fly away before I could get back out. Luckily, he accomadated me.

I snapped dozens of pics and this was the best I could get. My house is 3 stories tall so even on zoom this was the best I could do. I am just glad this is not the chimney we use. Sure would hate to have roasted big black bird one evening if he fell in while we were enjoying a fire in the fireplace.

Good thing I am not superstitous cause this looks like the perfect bad omen. Big black bird perched on your chimney.
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

new fiirepit


We got a good deal on it. I've wanted one for a while now. So tonight the MOTH and I tried it out. It was pretty cool outside, so I made Chai Tea Lattes with whipped cream on top and we sat with our feet propped on the rim and just enjoyed the crisp fall evening as we talked about this and that.

On the home front the youngest is home from Hawaii safe and sound. We are enjoying getting to know all over again the red-haired babe that comes with the daughter. She is a delight and reigning toddler chaos everywhere. Jasper the dog is really enjoying all the snacks thrown his way as she learns to feed herself. His once slim frame is showing shades of portlyness.

Lots of sewing going on. Will try to take pictures. Christmas stuff mostly. A quilt and a table runner from the scraps. Also doing sewing for Amy over at InspireCo because after the first of the year I will be featured on her blog! I'm trying to focus on "needful things" done up pretty.Seems like in this economy we gals are looking for pretty at a pretty good price. I'm doing some re-purposing in some of my stuff and so far those who have seen my wares have liked them, so we shall see. Amy if you are reading this are you curious?

More later.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

spooky house!


This past week-end while my niece was here she and my daughter B, and B's daughter Hilary decorated a spooky Halloween house from a kit I purchased. What a time they had! I bought extra candy thniking Hilary would want more and sure enough she did. As they worked, I snapped pictures and listened to their conversations and would sneak candy when no one was looking. By the time they were finished their hands and their tongues ( I wasn't the only one sneaking bites) were stained black from the frosting that came with the kit. Funny for sure, but probably not so great from a health stand point. Anything that black can't be good for you. but the three of them had a good time and Hilary took the house home with her to occupy a place of honor I am sure.
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I just had the best weekend!

This past weekend my big sis and her daughter came for a visit. There are about 8 hrs. worth of driving between us, so we don't get to see each other often so when we do we try to pack it full. And pack it full we did. Lots of shopping, some crafting, lots of shopping, and well, we managed to eat a lot too. We ended each day on the front porch, swinging and rocking, looking for stars and having a glass of wine. While waiting for the stars, we swapped stories, recounted memories, talked about favorite books, and just generally packed those evenings full. It all just basicly left me wanting more but savoring what I had.

Lots of fun things have been going on




around here lately. Fall just gets me so busy! Last week my friend Theresa, aka "decorating extroidinare friend" came over for a day of sewing. There were supposed to be 3 of us but one couldn't make it, but I still called it my "sewing circle". All week I went around saying to myself, " I need to tidy up for my sewing circle, I need to cook for my sewing circle, I need to", well you get the idea. It just sounded so old-fashioned and so PRODUCTIVE.

It did end up being productive. We sewed all day while an early fall rain made everything so cozy and snug. We broke for a lunch of homemade pimento cheese sandwiches and a chaser of homemade cream of tomato soup. Somewhere along the way a pot of tea was thrown in too. At the end of the day we both had a quilt top pretty much finished. We were making the same pattern using the same fabrics but they still managed to have our own stamp on them. A few finishing rounds and they will be ready to pack up and send to the quilter!

I'm sure once we have them back we will be so proud of them and every time we throw those quilts on our lap not only the quilt but the good memory attached to them warm us heart and soul.
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

goody, goody, I won!


I just love bloggers and the blogging community. Last week a fellow blogger gave me the heads up on a giveaway on her blog so I went over and left the required comment. Guess what? I won! So fun and exciting to find that out. It was a fall-themed giveaway over at belle ame. Go there. It is lovely. Kelly Maria has really created a lovely place to visit with a cup of tea in hand and maybe a bite of sweet to go with it. I don't know how to link in a post, but check out my faves cause she is there.

Here is the really neat part. We discovered common history of sorts. Turns out she lives in a town I used to live in and we were able to connect over a coupld of landmarks. Isn't that just the coolest thing? Who would have guessed?

Oh the goodies in my box? Fantastic! A poem Kelly Maria had written herself about our friend and Autumn icon the scarecrow, a lovely scented candle which I plan to light and enjoy as I listen to the presidential debate, a cute harvest pumpkin, a lovely vivid oraange "faux" pumpkin I am going to find a home for tonight, a gorgious magnitized fridge calendar for '09, and notecards. Doesn't it all sound like a giveaway right down a bloggin' girl's alley?

Thanks Kelly Maria! You made my day!

p.S. Kel even addressed the box to
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

nap, interrupted

O.K. so night before last, I did not sleep well at all. After dragging around all morning I decided a nap was in order. Soon I was blissfully tucked in, covers piled on, and fan blowing cold air at me.

I had probably been asleep about 2o minutes when suddenly I became aware of a noise. It was kind of growly, rumbling, throbbing, and very loud. I kept trying to wake up to investigate and when I finally did to my chagrin, I discovered the noise was coming from me! Even those I was alone I was embarrassed! I really thought the MOTH was making it up when he said I snored.

No wonder Jasper, who was in the room with me, wouldn't settle down. I was aware of his pacing and prowling even as I slept. After waking myself up in such a nasty way, I peeled off my p.j.'s and climed back into the clothes I had been wearing. Glancing in the mirror I noticed what I thought was a piece of pink trash or something perched on the bosom of my favorite black t-shirt. Glancing down, I was aggravated to discover what had kept Jassper so busy as he indured my noisy sleep. He had chewed a large hole in a very strategic place on my shirt. Talk about revenge. That will teach me to throw my clothes in the floor maybe. I just hope the MOTH doesn't follow Jasper's lead and start eating my clothes in retaliaion for my noisy sleep "songs"

days of perfection

Ah Autumn! I wish you could hear the sound of bliss in my voice. Only 11 days old, already I feel it slipping away only because I love it so. Is there anyone who doesn' at least like this season.I can't imagine not finding something to love in this season of brillian hues, celebrations, and transistion to a slower, calmer time of year.

I find myself wanting to savor every moment of every glorious day. The swirly clouds, the squawky ducks flying over in their miraculous "V" on their way to the duck Riviera, and the tentative early leaf falling. The leaves shimmer in the light breeze wanting to let go of their perch, but not quite willing to call it quits. Enough have fallen already that you just make out the browns and grays of the boulders that make up the bones of the ridge across from my house. Soon, the entire foundation will be exposed covered only here and there with evergreens.

Today is a real beauty and I have lots of house chores to do. I go about them indifferently until I promise myself a reward. "Do two more chores, then make a pot of tea and head outside for a while" I tell myself. It works, I pick up the pace and before you know it, my tea kettle is whistling and in minutes I am out the door to park myelf in the porch swing. Jasper, in his friendly, companionable way, stretches out on the floor at my feet.

Sitting there I start to get the itch to go camping. It is a favorite way of ours to enjoy this time of year. But we've packed so many house projects and so much fun already into the next several weeks, that I am worried it may not happen this year.
If all else fails, I just may set up the tent in the backyard for a night. Just one evening of sitting around a campfire may have to do this time around. I mean we could hike the ridge, cook steaks over the fire, sit up late around the fire and head for the house when nature called. Hmmm...I may have hit upon something here.