Monday, December 17, 2007

For the past several days




I have been obsessed with making this doll for my 5 year old granddaughter Hilary. She has every toy that was ever made and she may never play with this one, but at least she will have a doll made by her grandmother. She has a molded head and is made from cotton knit and stuffed with lamb's wool, which makes her warm and cuddly. Her hair is wool also and remembering my Raggedy Anne doll, I sewed a small pink heart to her chest.

The plan was to make the doll and dress her and be done with it. I should have known better. After dressing her, I decided she needed a Christmas dress which is the one she is now wearing. It has vintage angels ad snowmen dancing across it. I topped this with a crisp white pinafore. Then I decided she had to have underwear, so I made panties and an undershirt. I found the little black felt shoes in my stash, so that meant I needed to make socks too. Then I decided she needed a corduroy jumper, a turtleneck to wear with it, matching socks, and an apron to wear when she is helping Hilary in the kitchen. All this I stuffed in the little cardboard suitcase you can sort of see in the right-hand corner of the pictures.

She was such a good doll while I was creating her that I felt she should have a little Christmas too. So I made her a pair of lovely periwinkle wool boots (shh! don't tell her that is what is in the package she is holding!). And what's Christmas if a girl doesn't find a new doll in her stocking right?

At this point I had to make myself stop. Sheesh! I need a 12 step program for crafters. I can stop anytime I want. Really I can... Do you think she needs a warm winter coat and handknit cap? Oh wait, I stopped didn't I?
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Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Angels on My Tree




Three little angels, Hilary, Sophia, and Isabella
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Thursday, December 6, 2007




Yesterday Hilary and her mother came over to make Christmas ornaments. There was lots of pipe cleaners, hot glue, cold glue, and glitter. In Hilary's perfect world glitter would be one of the main food groups. I swear that girl can smell a new bottle of glitter like a mouse in a cheese factory. The only reason she glued the pipecleaners together was so she could glitter them later. And glitter them she did. She ended up mixing several colors and just running it through her fingers like a miser with his gold. By the time we were finished everything had a dusting of the stuff. The floor never looked sparkly-er, it was floating in the air and even the dog's nose had a touch of glisten not attributed to nature. And that night when I removed the old brassiere, yep, you guessed it, my boobs sparkled under the bathroom light. How that happened I don't know, but it did.
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Monday, December 3, 2007

Gettin' my Christmas Mojo on


finally! Just in time too. I've have several handmade projects to complete. One is done, more to go. The problem with the handmades is I keep coming across all these cute patterns on the net and I just have to have one more. In the back of this picture you can see my newest little pattern by an Australian company, Sew Your Own. It is the cutest doll pillow. And I know lots of people who would like a doll pillow...

I can't seem to make up my mind how to decorate my mantles this year, so right now they are not decorated except for stockings hanging on the livingroom mantle. Need to make more of those too. Since I made ours, we have increased by 6! I want a stocking hanging for each person in the family.

I'm going Christmas shopping with daughter B. tonight. It's cold outside and feeling very Christmasy. We should have a good time even if none of my list gets whittled down.
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

The good stuff




Having collected Christmas ornaments for 30 or more years, I have amassed quite a collection of glitter and glass. Most of them I can remember where I was when I purchased it the reason I chose it. I have one box of ornaments packed more carefully than the others. No, these are not the most expensive in my collection. These are the ones made by children. Bits of fabric, paper, glitter, and glue put together at the kitchen table by three little blonde girls as they put their heart and soul into their work. Each effort was hung on the tree as its creator looked on with pride and a happy, glowing face.

Now that everyone has left home, decorating the tree is a one-woman-show once the husband gets the lights on. As I take out the ornaments made by the girls, I hang them high on the tree where they will be safest. As I look at them the smell of Elmer's glue, the sight of tongues slightly stuck out in concentration, and the sounds of happy voices all come back to me. What was that? I swear I felt a tug on my apron as a proud and happy artist got my attention to show me what she had made.

As the girls grew up and saw me hang these relics on the tree they would groan and ask why I had to put that junk on the tree every year. I think they are about to answer that question themselves now that they have children. It's because it is the good stuff.
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