Monday, December 17, 2007

For the past several days




I have been obsessed with making this doll for my 5 year old granddaughter Hilary. She has every toy that was ever made and she may never play with this one, but at least she will have a doll made by her grandmother. She has a molded head and is made from cotton knit and stuffed with lamb's wool, which makes her warm and cuddly. Her hair is wool also and remembering my Raggedy Anne doll, I sewed a small pink heart to her chest.

The plan was to make the doll and dress her and be done with it. I should have known better. After dressing her, I decided she needed a Christmas dress which is the one she is now wearing. It has vintage angels ad snowmen dancing across it. I topped this with a crisp white pinafore. Then I decided she had to have underwear, so I made panties and an undershirt. I found the little black felt shoes in my stash, so that meant I needed to make socks too. Then I decided she needed a corduroy jumper, a turtleneck to wear with it, matching socks, and an apron to wear when she is helping Hilary in the kitchen. All this I stuffed in the little cardboard suitcase you can sort of see in the right-hand corner of the pictures.

She was such a good doll while I was creating her that I felt she should have a little Christmas too. So I made her a pair of lovely periwinkle wool boots (shh! don't tell her that is what is in the package she is holding!). And what's Christmas if a girl doesn't find a new doll in her stocking right?

At this point I had to make myself stop. Sheesh! I need a 12 step program for crafters. I can stop anytime I want. Really I can... Do you think she needs a warm winter coat and handknit cap? Oh wait, I stopped didn't I?
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Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Angels on My Tree




Three little angels, Hilary, Sophia, and Isabella
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Thursday, December 6, 2007




Yesterday Hilary and her mother came over to make Christmas ornaments. There was lots of pipe cleaners, hot glue, cold glue, and glitter. In Hilary's perfect world glitter would be one of the main food groups. I swear that girl can smell a new bottle of glitter like a mouse in a cheese factory. The only reason she glued the pipecleaners together was so she could glitter them later. And glitter them she did. She ended up mixing several colors and just running it through her fingers like a miser with his gold. By the time we were finished everything had a dusting of the stuff. The floor never looked sparkly-er, it was floating in the air and even the dog's nose had a touch of glisten not attributed to nature. And that night when I removed the old brassiere, yep, you guessed it, my boobs sparkled under the bathroom light. How that happened I don't know, but it did.
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Monday, December 3, 2007

Gettin' my Christmas Mojo on


finally! Just in time too. I've have several handmade projects to complete. One is done, more to go. The problem with the handmades is I keep coming across all these cute patterns on the net and I just have to have one more. In the back of this picture you can see my newest little pattern by an Australian company, Sew Your Own. It is the cutest doll pillow. And I know lots of people who would like a doll pillow...

I can't seem to make up my mind how to decorate my mantles this year, so right now they are not decorated except for stockings hanging on the livingroom mantle. Need to make more of those too. Since I made ours, we have increased by 6! I want a stocking hanging for each person in the family.

I'm going Christmas shopping with daughter B. tonight. It's cold outside and feeling very Christmasy. We should have a good time even if none of my list gets whittled down.
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

The good stuff




Having collected Christmas ornaments for 30 or more years, I have amassed quite a collection of glitter and glass. Most of them I can remember where I was when I purchased it the reason I chose it. I have one box of ornaments packed more carefully than the others. No, these are not the most expensive in my collection. These are the ones made by children. Bits of fabric, paper, glitter, and glue put together at the kitchen table by three little blonde girls as they put their heart and soul into their work. Each effort was hung on the tree as its creator looked on with pride and a happy, glowing face.

Now that everyone has left home, decorating the tree is a one-woman-show once the husband gets the lights on. As I take out the ornaments made by the girls, I hang them high on the tree where they will be safest. As I look at them the smell of Elmer's glue, the sight of tongues slightly stuck out in concentration, and the sounds of happy voices all come back to me. What was that? I swear I felt a tug on my apron as a proud and happy artist got my attention to show me what she had made.

As the girls grew up and saw me hang these relics on the tree they would groan and ask why I had to put that junk on the tree every year. I think they are about to answer that question themselves now that they have children. It's because it is the good stuff.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wet Paint


Here is my Hoosier cabinet with a frest coat of ivory/white paint. It looks so much better than before! It was just the original finish from the 3o's but it was aligatored and cracked all over. Very dull and blah looking. It had been this way since my aunt gave it to me 20 years ago.

My husband nearly threw a fit when he found out I was going to paint it. "I can't believe you are putting paint on that! It will decrease the re-sell value!' What re-sell value I ask? I'm not SELLING it, I'm living with it and I am TIRED of that old finish! We've looked at it that way for 20 years. Besides, it's MINE! What is it with men and paint I want to know? Natural wood colors seem to be the HOLY OF HOLIES to them. Some things just need a coat of paint I say. The corner where this is was drab, dark, and boring. Now it is bright, open, and cheerful. My husband says it is ugly. I say it is lovely. He enjoyed his way for 20 years. Now I will enjoy it my way for the next 20 (Lord willing). Don't the Christmas decorations bring it out? I just love this corner now.

At my house there is a standing question/joke. It goes like this: "Mom, can I have this when you die?" I sort of take it as a compliment in a macabre way. Up until now I had never heard that question in regard to this particular piece of furniture. So far today after seeing pics of my updated Hoosier, I heard it once. And no, girls, I won't say who it was.
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

First Christmas decoration of the year.


My granddaughter Hilary inspired this. She had given me the little box the house is sitting on. She painted it and filled it with little bits that seemed important to her-scraps of paper she had written and a tiny little drawstring bag. I liked the antique color she had chosen so I covered a little cardboard house from A.C. Moore with some papers that matched and glued it to the box. Then I covered the whole thing with Mica. The Mica was in big chunks, so I put it in an old coffee grinder and Voila! perfect. The little trees with the house were green, but I bleached them and dyed one of them red with Rit dye. The larger tree beside the box is from Martha Stewart's collection at K-Mart.
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Here is the last of the Thanksgiving




pictures. I finally got all my chairs covered. I had sort of bogged down on this project, but having company got me going again. I love this fabric. It was el-cheapo from Wal-Mart. The colors are perfect with my china and the stencil I have in the room. Isn't this cornucopia beautiful? Found it at Lowes. It has a thingy for hanging, but I liked it better sitting on my buffet on a tall cake plate. The napkin rings turned out great. I am going to try and save the acorn parts. I will probably think up something to do with them next year. Plus, I'll forget all about them and when I open up my boxes of Autumn decorations next year, they will be a nice surprise!
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I haven't posted a picture of this little love bug in quite a while, and I got some good ones this past holiday weekend. Isn't she precious? She really competed with the turkey for "Butterball Status". She smiles all the time (unless you are trying to take her pic) and is so cuddly. She spits up-a lot. I can't imagine how fat she would be if she kept everything she takes in. Upstairs, waiting to be washed, is a pile of my clothes emitting the smell of formula and sweet potatoes. That's o.k. though. I'll get 'em all washed up in anticipation of her Christmas visit and she can do it all again.
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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Was Great


This is a picture of the centerpiece I made for our table. Non-traditional in color, but it matched my china, which belonged to my mother. I also made gold-leaf acorn and leaf clusters to tuck into the napkins. The idea was in the Martha Stewart November issue. It was a little tedious, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Our oldest daughter, her husband, and duaghter Sophia were here. It was Sophia's first Thanksgiving. She mostly slept through it when she wasn't being passed from grandparent, to aunt, to uncle, and back again. She is so cute and cuddly and smiles all the time. She is looking like her mother more and more. Whenever I would give her a bottle, she would stare at me with those blue eyes and it was eerie how much it looked like her mother's eyes whenever I fed her.

Our middle daughter, husband and daughter Hilary were also here. At 5, Hil is really into the holiday business and loves being with everyone. She provided entertainment just being a 5 year old who is full of herself. Since she lives close by and didn't have to travel, Brittainy did a lot of the cooking, for which I am grateful. She's a huge help when there is a big meal to cook.

Our oldest daughter's in-laws were also guests. They enjoyed being with all of us, but I think the real drawing card for them was getting to see Sophia. Her grandmother Judy held her during the entire meal while everyone else ate.

Of course, we had our youngest and her family missing since they are in Hawaii, but they are on a great adventure and that is how I tried to think about it whenever sadness tried to sneak into my thoughts. Maybe they will be here next year.

The food was great! I bought a free-range turkey, brined it according to a Martha Stewart recipe and it was outstanding. Everyone was oohing and aahing over, saying it was the best turkey they had ever eaten. It was very flavorful and juicy. The brining was very easy and then you cook it just as usual. It also made a very delicious gravy.

But boy oh boy-here's the best part! After Kelli's in-laws left, and everyone was sitting in a turkey-induced stupor, I slipped upstairs, got under the covers and took a nap. And when I came back down, guess what? My girls and my hubby had cleaned up the entire mess! Am I blessed or what?
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

At my house, it's gotta jiggle....

the cranberry sauce that is. I posted this on a bb I frequent and about half the resondants said the same-the cranberry sauce has to come out of a can, rings intact. My middle daughter B. calls these the cutting lines. Me, I have to have the homemade kind. So at our house on the Big T. Day, we have a dish of homemade cranberry sauce displayed proudly beside a burgandy cylander of jiggly stuff all sliced up evenly. In the interest of family peace, we pay homage to the tradition of the home-made and to that great American tradition the canned food. It works for us.

Friday, November 9, 2007

thanksgiving-less than 2 weeks!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is so close! I am looking forward to it and have most of my menu planned and have started filling the pantry. Today I ordered my turkey. I wanted a fresh one because I am going to try brining it this time. I hear that is very good when prepared that way. I also bought my fresh cranberries.

I needed a new tablecloth for my diningroom table and found one I really liked at Williams-Sonoma. For $170.00! Yikes! So today I made a trip to Jo-Annes and found some pretty home dec weight fabric and am making my own. I am using a non-traditional color scheme. I am using my Mom's old Franciscan Ware; it is a grape pattern with shades of green and bluish-purple on a creamy white background. I am emphasizing the green and the cream color. I bought a gorgeous blue-green pumpkin and lots of white ones and will make a centerpiece with those. My napkins are green and I bought some pretty grosgrain ribbon to tie them with and probably insert some little something under the ribbon along with a placecard.

The only thing that would make my Thanksgiving perfect is if my youngest daughter and family were going to be here. But that just got to Hawaii so that isn't happening. My oldest daughter and her family along with her in-laws and my middle daughter and her family will be here so I am thankful for that. I am sure we will have a wonderful time. And the next day? My kids are trying to talk me into going on the Day After Thanksgiving Sale. I'm not so sure.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

the baby in the

picture in the previous post leaves tommorrow along with her parents for Hawaii. All day they have been packing and repacking their luggage and bringing it downstairs. Tonight the saddest sound in the world to me is the sound that suitcase wheels make as they are pulled across a floor.

Not really sure when we will see Isabella again. Maybe not until June. All day I have been breathing in the scent of her skin and hair and rubbing her little red head and trying to memorize the satiny feel of her skin. She is like a magnet to this grandmother's heart. Everytime I walk away from her I have to turn around and return to those little wide open mouth kisses she has just learned to give. Nothing is sweeter than her little hands going to my face patting and grabbing at my nose and hair. I want to remember those fat little legs and they way they are always circling in the air. If you could fasten her to a tricycle, she could go around the world I think. They only stop when she is asleep.

We gave her parents an early Christmas present-a digital camcorder. I want the everyday recorded and sent to me. Bathtime, lunchtime, it really doesn't matter. I'll watch it over and over until the next installment arrives. For now, it will have to do.

Stinkin' ol' Navy. Stinkin' ol' Hawaii

Sunday, November 4, 2007

leavin' on a jet plane....



See this sweet little cupcake? She is my granddaughter Isabella and on Wednesday she will boarding a plane with her mother and her navy father for a 5 year stint in Hawaii. Up to now she has lived in Virginia and I could get in my car and see her after about a 8 hr. drive. I am so sad that she will be so far away. I don't think we will see her until June when we plan to fly out for her 1st birthday. I hope she doesn't forget our faces. She and her parents have been staying with us for the past two weeks and whenever she sees me or her grandfather, she gets all excited and starts smiling and kicking her little legs. Melts my heart. Over and over.
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Thursday, November 1, 2007



These are my organic cinnamon rolls. Everything but the cinnamon is organic. The eggs are free-range from the farmer's market. I bought the cinnamon at the grocery store and I think it was old. I had to keep adding more and more to the filling and it still was not as cinnamony as they should be. But, other than that, they are dee-lish!
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Interview with a big black dog


Hi! I'm Jasper, and Tipper, canine friend of Gannet Girl over at Search the Sea has offered to interview me! I am so excited! But then, I am always excited! Life's too short not to be! This should be fun!

1. What kind of dog are you?

From all looks and appearances, I am a Black Lab! At least that is what the vet said when my new mom took me in for
shots. I have webbed feet, a very nice tail, sleek black fur, a very playful nature, and love the water. I love water
so much that I try to splash it all out of my water bowl.

2. How did you find your way to your family?

Boy, was that my lucky day! Started out bad though. My first few weeks are sorta' fuzzy, but whoever I lived with
didn't want me, so they carried me away and left me at a bubbling spring set in a forest. At first, I felt pretty
optimistic about things, I mean I had water! And the forest was beautiful but after a while my tummy started to
growl and my paws hurt from all the rocks at the foot of the spring. Then I looked up. There on a knoll right
across the lane, was a big white farmhouse. Sitting in a porch swing with a glass of wine was a blonde (I don't
think it's natural) lady and across from her in a rocker was a man with white hair (it IS natural). The best part
was a sign above the front door, invisible to humans that blinked "Sucker lives here; all four-legged creatures
welcome". Well, maybe I was only 6 weeks old but I wasn't stupid. I gave it my best shot and started in with my
cutest puppy yip. The blonde lady was on her feet immediately, coming to the driveway and calling to me. My heart
swelling with joy, I ran to her and her first words were, "Well, who are you? You little jasper!" I knew I had
her then and there. I've been Jasper ever since. She usually calls me Jasper the exicted dog.

3. What is your favorite thing to do on a fall afternoon?

Oh gee! That's a tough one! I find rolling in the leaves delightful, but probably my favorite thing to do on a fall
day is my favorite thing to do everyday. That is annoying Willard the big gray cat. I really just want him to play
with me, but you know cats! He gets all huffy and puffy and mutters under his breath something that sounds like
"tutoring" and how he can't wait til I make a little visit to Fix-A-Pet. I don't need fixing! I'm not broken!

4 I like cheese, I think all dogs like cheese. What about you?
Never had it. At least I don't think I have. Is that those delectable little things you find in cats' litter boxes?
If so, love, love it. Gives you killer breath though. Cracker are good too. The man with white hair sneaks me one
at night when he is having one.

5. I know your mom loves to read. Do you have a favorite book?

She's always reading. If she doesn't have a book, she just gets on her computer and reads stuff. My favorite book?
I guess it would be "At Home in Mitford" because in a way me and my new mom's lives sorta parallel Father Tim's and
his big black dog's lives. I mean, here was this person not wanting or looking for a dog and along comes this dog
who has chosen his new owner and he will not take "no" for an answer. Yeah, that's my favorite book.

Hey Tipper! This was fun! Any four-leggeds out there want to be interviewed by me, Jasper? If so, here are the rules

1. If you are interested in being interviewed, leave a comment here on my mom's blog saying interview me.

2. I will respond by posting five questions. I get to pick the questions. Yippe!

3. You will update your blog with a post with your answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
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the abc's of me

I've been tagged by Vedrana over at Violet Metamorphosis!

Each player starts with some random facts/habits about himself/herself. As you are tagged, you need to post the rules and your responses on your own blog. At the end of your post, you need to choose some people to tag, list their names and leave them a comment telling them they have been tagged and they need to read your blog for more information.

A. Autumn is my favorite season. In fact, the only way I get through Summer is to remind myself that Autumn is next.

B. blogs. I love to read them and am having fun with my first one.

C. cinnamon rolls. I love them and am making some right now.

D. dogs. I was recently adopted by one. See "J".

E. Easter is my least favorite holiday. I don't know why. Maybe because I know Summer is getting closer.

F. falling leaves are one of God's most beautiful gifts.

G. glitter is one of my most favorite craft supplies

H.homebody. I love to be at home all day cooking, crafting and decorating

I. I think a lot about craft and decorating projects

J. Jasper is the name of the big black dog that adopted me.

K. knitting. I love to knit and always have a project on my needles

L. Lovey is the name my grandchildren call me

M. Mother. I am the mother of 3 girls. I am so lucky

N. nutty. Everyone tells me I am. In a good way. At least I think they mean it in a good way.

O. organic. I really like to buy organic anything. Almost everything in the cinnamon rolls I am baking is organic

P. packages Is there anything more exciting than getting a package in the mail?

Q. quilts. I am a quilter and I love to see people all snuggled up under one of my quilts.

R. Ram. I am an Aries

S. Scrabble. I love to play it but my husband doesn't so I play on my cellphone, or with my daughter and SIL when they are here.

T. tea I really like a cup of tea. Nothing fruity tho. Just straight up black tea

U. ugly. I think cactus plants are ugly

V. voyage. I love to travel. Especially road trips

W. wine. I really like wine. Someday I want to try a very expensive one.

X. xylophone. I like the sound of one.

Y. yellow is my least favorite color.

Z. zoos always make me sad. They smell bad and I feel sorry for the animals.

I am tagging Mary at Peaches and Posh and Amy at Inspire Co.

the abc's of me

the abc's of me

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Who's been sleeping in my bed? A Halloween story


See this key? My house is so old that this is the key to my front door. It's original to the house. We have been told it was built in 1908. It sits on a knoll in a hollow, no neighbors, just woods and the country lane that snakes around the hills and dips and rises with the terrain. If I were to have car trouble in the middle of the night, I would feel considerable trepidation about walking up the long, dark, steep drive that leads to the house, especially as we leave no lights on at night.

I love this house and along with my husband have raised 3 children here. It definitly shows its age in some ways. It's creaky, groany, and prone to the winds howling around all its interesting cranies and corners, but it's filled with the memories of my children and now my grandchildren. But over the years, the girls and especially their friends have said that as old as this place is, it must have a ghost or two.. It was only owned by one family before we moved in, and although they all lived to be very old, none of them died here we have been told. I've always laughed at the notion of a ghost and still do for the most part, but now more than ever my kids are convinced we have one.

The house is four stories. A damp, kinda creepy basement, the first floor, the third floor where all the bedrooms are and a fourth floor attic that opens into one of the bedrooms.For the seventeen years we have lived here tucked under the eaves of the attic there has been a very old iron cot with a simple covering over it. None of us have ever bothered with it until a few months ago, when my youngest daughter saw an idea in Romantic Homes magazine to use an old cot as a couch on your porch. Excited, she called and asked if she could have the cot in the attic. My husband brought it down and we loaded it up and took it to her. The covering turned out to be a large piece of linen most likely from feed sacks. I washed it and put it away for a future vintage project of my own. At this point, we all pretty much forgot about the entire thing.

A few weeks after moving the cot, I decided to sleep in the little room the attic door opens off of. I had a cough and didn't want to disturb my husband. I had been lying in bed with my back to the attic door for about 15 minutes when I felt the distinct impression of someone sitting down on the bed. My mind did a quick check, "Did I put the cat out?" I remembered doing that so it couldn't be him. I told myself I was a tough, fearless old broad and to forget about it. That was working o.k. until it happened again. For the first time in my life I felt the sensation of the hair standing up on the back of my neck. What to do?! Instinct took over quickly I am happy to say. I flung back the cover, uttered a shrill "EEK!" (why do people do that?) and barreled down the hall sans pillows and practically wedged myself under my sleeping husband and this time I made darn sure I was facing the door the entire night.

Next morning I was on the phone telling my girls my tale illicting vows from all that they would never, never, never sleep in that room again. My husband had a different reaction. He thought a moment and then said, "Well, whoever that cot belonged to up there must be upset about his bed and is just looking for a place to sleep." Sorta like that cautionary tale about 3 bears and a certain blonde girl. Hmmph.

Not to be intiminated by any spirit in my own home, I was determined to sleep in that room again the following night. And yes, I did leave all the lights on. Oh, and I did fortify myself with a glass of wine. Oh, all right, it was 3 glasses. I guess I was the only "spirited" thing in the house that night, because I am happy to report that I passed the night in peaceful slumber.
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

pirate princess


Hilary is going as a pirate princess for Halloween this year. So, while the baby sleeps, I am sewing her costume. As I sew, I can't help but think of that old adage "the more things change the more they stay the same". The 5 year old awaiting her costume and the baby that is sleeping are both my granddaughters. Twenty years ago I was also sewing a costume for a 5 year old as a baby slept but they were my daughters. I enjoyed it then and I am enjoying it now. Maybe I am enjoying it more now because I realize just how fast 20 years can roll by...
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Anyone got a mop?


Cus my heart's in a puddle. I just went in and checked on my sleeping grandbaby and this is what I saw. She looks like a little pink butterbean all curled up asleep...
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I'm back!

No, I haven't been camping all this time, just busy. The camping WAS great, however. I only wish we could have stayed a night or two more. It is the only time that I am content to not have some sort of project in my hands. We tent camp but we do like a luxary or two. One of those being our airbed. We felt a little silly blowing the thing up at our car and then carrying it to our site on its side keeping it out of the dirt. Bored campers watched and I saw one or two snigger, but then I saw a young couple doing the same and didn't feel so bad. We had lovely campfires both nights and a lovely steak dinner our 2nd night out. We did some hiking too.

The funniest thing to me occurred when we hiking. The trail was an easy one and very popular because of numerous waterfalls and just the lovely creek that followed the trail. We came around a bend and saw several people stopped on the trail looking up and pointing. It seems a woodpecker was hanging out doing what woodpeckers do and everyeone was just fascinated, including us once we realized what all the commotion was about. Everyone stood silent, transfixed by this bird's activity, some murmuring at the sound he made, some wondering why he didn't have a headache, but all just marveling at nature's creation. It occurred to me that most of the people probably ahd every tech gadget known to man, many probably worked in big cities, and most likely lived in suburbs and here we all were stopped dead in our tracks by this bird. That is what our national parks are for: to see nature and realize in the seeing that in spite of all we have invented to entertain and amuse ourselves none of it comes close to what God has made.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Goin' campin'

Oh I just love to camp out! Real camping, as in a tent. We are lucky to live near the Great Smokey Mtn National Park, but unfortunatly don't get there as much as we would like. This is the perfect time of year to go too. The air is full of the scents and sounds of Autumn. I love to just sit by the campfire and listen to the acorns as they fall from the trees, picturing the squirrels bustling about packing their dens full with nature's offerings. I love hiking during the day and coming back into camp to enjoy a steak dinner and bottle of wine with my hubby. We usually sit with our feet propped on the fire ring and just talk. Mostly the talk is about the kids and grandkids and how we need to camp more often. In the background you can hear the murmurings of other people doing the same thing you are. Even tho you are in a campground (tents only) it is very quiet. I love the crisp chilly air and climbing into my sleeping bag and just listening to the breezes blowing through the trees, and smelling the smell of campfires. I imagine all the people who came here hundreds of years ago and try to put myself in their place as they did this everynight for many nights as they explored and settled these beautiful mountains. I always wish we could stay just one more night.

A Good way to showcase a small picutre


I received this photo from a swap partner over at Create a Connection. This rose is/was growing in a garden in Croatia. I thought it was so pretty and wanted an unusual way to showcase it. I tied my ribbon in a bow and glued the ends to the back of the frame. My eldest daughter had made this small memory board for me and I had the idea to hang the picture from it and prop it in a chair that I use for a bedside table in a small bedroom. It looks just perfect I think. Sort of a frame within a frame.
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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Virginia is for lovers and I love Virginia

for several reasons. Number one, I have two sweet, sweet granddaughters living there, so as often as I can I gas up the car several times and leave TN behind and head north. In about 8 hrs. I am in grandmother heaven holding my two little princesses.

Thanks to the internet, I've made a wonderful new friend who also lives in Virginia. We've managed to meet twice and both times it has been so much fun. She's a real sweetie.

Virginia is a must-see state for the history lover too. We always try to see something historical on every visit. We've done D.C. twice and are now exploring some outlying areas. Fredericksburg just reeks with our country's history. Right now it is my favorite town.

And I do believe the friendliest people of all live in Virginia. Being from Tennessee I am used to friendly people. My sister was with me on my most recent trip and we had episodes of these kindly people doing small good deeds for us. You know, the kind of thing that just leaves you feeling so good? Not to mention the fact that even tho they don't know you, they talk your ear off while waiting in the grocery store line or for your morning cup of Starbucks. Yep, they are a friendly lot. I can't wait to head up there again. For a lot of reasons.

Monday, October 1, 2007

From Croatia with Love


I recently signed up for a swap over at Create A Connection (link at right). The theme for the swap was "My Favorite Things". It was a lot of fun putting together a package containing some of my favorite things. But, contrary to the addage "It is better to give than to receive", it was even more fun to receive a package of someone else's faves.

My swap partner was a young woman from Croatia. I was so excited about that as I know next to nothing about that country and was anxious to learn from an actual citizen of that country. There was quite an age gap. In fact, she is the same age as my youngest daughter. But that was o.k. because my youngest likes to send me packages and they are always wonderful. So was the one I received from my partner.

Because she was born on the 7th of the month, she chose 7 of her favorite things to send me. My photograph shows some of them. There was a poem she copied and illustrated by her favorite poet Edgar Allen Poe, a sweet drawing of an angel that she also did, lovely rose soap, a gorgeous photo of a rose from her father's garden, a package of tea, a journal covered in a sumptious purple suede and the last thing of all gave me a such a laugh. It was a poster of Goran Visnjic-he is the hunky actor who plays Dr. Kovitch on E.R. I had mentioned in an email that the only person I was familiar with from her country was this actor. I went on to say I thought he was drop-dead handsome. So she got a copy of this poster for me. I promptly framed it and it now has a place of honor in my sewing/studio room.I can't wait for my husband and daughters to notice it. They will think this old gal is off her rocker.

An unexpected thing about this swap for me was that even tho we are a generation and miles and miles apart, some of her favorite things are things I enjoy too. It truly is a small world. Good job Vedranna!
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I've been away....


visiting these two lovely ladies. They are Isabella and Sophia. No, they are not fraternal twins, they are cousins born 5 weeks apart to my oldest daughter and my youngest. Aren't they beautiful?
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