Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the days are going by too quickly

as I spend them with my youngest granddaughter and her new baby brother. Time spent reading stories to Sophia as we cuddle on the couch . Blowing bubbles in the tub. Sneaking bites of food into her picky toddler mouth. Chasing her down to change a diaper. Buying yet another helium balloon to add to her collection. This girl does love her helium balloons.

Time with Max is more mellow. Cuddling and rocking, putting him on a blanket by the fire just to watch him stretch his little bird legs. Listening to those precious coos and laughing as he crosses his eyes as he attempts to hone in on a familiar voice.

Yes, the days are going by far too fast.


G. B. Miller said...

I foresee many trips to VA in your future. =)

Shine said...

Enjoy those sweet moments, every single one. This little boy is VERY cute. I assume no one has threatened to have him for dinner? Oh....and is there a tint of red in that hair????